How does pollution impact our air, our oceans, and us in urban and regional areas?

With open government data, we help you understand our atmosphere and hydrosphere.

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Our Mission

Every day, analysts endeavour to discover how powerful and valuable data is. It is the greatest potential source of knowledge, and with the right data, we can find answers to almost any question.

The problem is the accessibility of data to people. Raw numbers are strange and unintuitive. What people want isn't data, but statistics. What if we transformed that data into a source of knowledge for anybody, regardless of their background or field?

With airscape, we aim to help you figure out the correlation between marine and atmospheric pollution and the quality of life in urban and rural areas by offering an intuitive and beautiful interface for you to use!

By leveraging open data, we produce relevant and valuable statistics for you to access at your fingertip -- whether in your office at home, or when on the go.

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Our Team

We are a team of five members (in no particular order):

Isobelle Mead Graphic design, scientific interpretation. Somehow, also a chemistry teacher.
Emilian Roman Front-end & back-end development/design. Monochromatic scheme, with an accent.
Michael Dolphin Front-end & back-end development, video design, and database structure.
Ryan Hill User layout design, secondary data crunching.
Jason Parre Primary data crunching.
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